Month: August 2010

Multimedia mining Aug 31/10

From AWEA’s Into the Wind blog today: The CEO of AWEA, Denise Bode, responds to recent attacks on wind in the Wall Street Journal opinion article by Robert Bryce of the Manhattan Institute, claiming that wind energy does not reduce

CleanTechies: France to Have 3,000 MW of #Offshore #Wind by 2015 (via @RichardWalthers)

France [to] play catch up with Denmark, the European pioneer of this renewable energy source.

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Boston Globe Editorial: DPU should vet it closely, but Cape Wind still makes sense (via @offshorewindUSA)

After all, The Northeast is the Saudi Arabia of Wind – Wind Energy

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BBC: Scotland’s offshore wind sector could produce 28,000 jobs

From the BBC: Scotland’s offshore wind industry could create 28,000 direct jobs and generate £7.1bn of investment over the next decade, according to a new report. Scottish Renewables said the sector provided Scotland with its greatest economic opportunity in a

MoE Extends submission deadline to Sept 7 for changes to Offshore Turbine Setbacks

EBR Registry Number:     011-0089 It was recently announced that the deadline for Public Consultation submissions to the ‘Renewable Energy Approval Requirements for Off-shore Wind Facilities’ will be extended to Sept 7. on the Ontario Government Environmental Registry site: (shortened

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Environmental Advocacy Group House Bands

Another post on the lite-side this weekend.  Does your environmental advocacy group have a house band?   Can music help spread a message more effectively than any other medium?  Your thoughts?  Meanwhile, here is RT @secondwind: I uploaded a YouTube video

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Visit the Sygration Website Every Day

If you enjoy looking at charts, databases and maps, then the Sygration website is for you.  It breaks down how much power was generated in Ontario per day, by the hour, by type in Ontario.  The Sygration Ontario Generator Report

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Offshore Wind Coalition Will Focus on Streamlined Federal Permitting (via Offshore Wind Wire)

More strong offshore wind news blowing in from our neighbours south of the border: From Offshore Wind Wire: The Offshore Wind Development Coalition – a newly minted offshore wind advocacy group – will focus initially on streamlining federal regulations, the

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A Call to Action: Other letter samples

Samples of other letters recently submitted to EBR site can be found on the following blog sites: Envirolaw, We Saw a Chicken and The Man is Watching.  All three blogs are highly recommended. The deadline to submit your online comments

Call to Action: Letter template now available

For those of you who do not have the time to compose a personal comment, feel free to use the template below. Simply copy and paste the text to the EBR site here. If you have any questions or encounter

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