ExPlace Turbine Maintenance Update: Online

WindShare is pleased to report that service work on ExPlace successfully concluded over the weekend. Our Urban Turbine was restarted on Sunday and has been producing without incident or outage since that time.

Summary of weekend events:

Friday, 29 April
New bearing was lifted onto end of stator sleeve.
Rotor lifted and lowered onto bearing on stator and reattached.
Generator cover replaced on ground (the big thingy that looks like a doughnut from the outside) and complete assembly lifted onto tower.
Rotor lifted to hub and reattached.

Saturday, 30 April
Cranes and fence were removed and site cleared.
EWT engineers remained to complete commissioning.

Sunday, 1 May
Turbine back online and producing energy.

We would like to thank Arnold & Johan of TopWind, the crane staff from KR Wind and lastly but not least,  THESI, our valued partner from the beginning, for skillfully managing the work and overcoming weather obstacles which challenged our timelines over the past week.

The WindShare Board.

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