Month: November 2011

Airborne Turbines Revolutionize Wind Power

(reposted from Silvio Marcacci, The Energy Collective, Nov 21, 2011) Flying a kite has often been considered child’s play, but a group of inventors think the concept could be used to make wind energy cheaper and more reliable than ever

Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

(reposted from The Energy Collective , Vicky Portwain, October 10, 2011) Despite all the power and wonders of the internet, one has to very careful in checking out the motives of those posting material on the web.  Here’s a good

Wind power at bargain basement prices by 2020

Researchers at Iowa State University’s new Wind Energy Manufacturing Laboratory are on a mission to lower the price of wind power down to six cents per kilowatt hour by 2020, and they are taking a somewhat unusual path to get there. Instead of focusing

Is Wind Power Right for Vermont? Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor of the New York Times, in response to the article,  “The Not-So-Green Mountains,” by Steve E. Wright (Op-Ed, Sept. 29): The Green Mountain Power wind project in Lowell, Vt., has unprecedented support. Vermonters overwhelmingly want wind:

Annoyance at Wind Turbines is Not the Same as Health Issue

Article first appeared in Hamilton Spectator Oct 23, 2011 Chris Forrest Wind energy in Canada is now on track to enjoy a record year in 2011 with approximately 1,338 MW of new installed wind energy capacity projected to come online.

Jutta Splettstoesser Win-With-Wind tour continues!

Friends of Wind Ontario Win-With-Wind Tour Continues! MEDIA ALERT: Monday October 31 | Kincardine Ontario For immediate distribution – A farmer and mom from Kincardine is on a southern Ontario tour to transform perceptions on how Ontario thinks about wind