Turbine Update

Since July of 2012, the turbine has experienced reliability problems with regard to the turbine’s Technocon converter. Various repairs have been made to the Technocon converter between August and December of 2012 but the turbine has not been producing energy reliably through that period.

Many of the Lagerway turbines in Europe have replaced their Technocon converters prior to 10 year’s operating life because of similar issues.

The Joint Venture management have agreed to order a replacement
converter from SETEC, which will be installed in early March 2013 along with associated control upgrades. This replacement converter is more efficient, provides increased production, improves reliability and will extend overall life of the turbine by approximately 10 years.

During January and February of 2013 the turbine has not been producing power but is programmed to “free-wheel” for the following reasons: a) rotation reduces potential build-up of ice on blades; b) rotation keeps the generator rotor from getting damp; and c) rotation maintains the lubrication of the main bearing. The “free-wheel” operating mode is protected by all the normal safety controls (multiple blade pitch control and rotor brake) inherent in the turbine. We will continue to keep you informed of its progress.


WindShare Technical Team