Maintenance update

As you may be well aware, the ExPlace Turbine has been shut down for maintenance and repair work for the past few weeks. It has been experiencing trouble with the new converter. The converter was faulting out once turbine hit ~11 rpms (when it starts to generate power).   Our service provider, EWT, has determined that there is an issue with the control board in the converter that controls the conversion of power.  A new part had to be ordered and shipped to the site.  The new part was installed on Tuesday, July 28th, which appeared to allow the turbine to run, but the converter would continue to fault.  EWT is working with SETAC right now to ascertain what the source of the problem is with regard to the new converter and the new control board.

We appreciate your patience and hope to resolve the matter as soon as possible.


Yours sincerely,

WindShare Technical Team