The Wind Turbine

The Ex Place turbine…

  • Is the first urban-sited turbine to be constructed in North America. Turbines are not often put into cities because buildings, zoning issues and dense residential areas tend to interrupt a “laminar” flow of wind required for wind speeds to generate power.
  • Is the first community-owned wind power project in Ontario. Community power is locally owned, renewable energy generation scaled to the size and characteristics of the host site. The community power model is gaining support as an alternative to large-scale developments which are experiencing some local opposition due to their size and local visual impact. By becoming power producers, co-operative members can benefit directly from a wind energy resource and move towards more sustainable and secure energy future.
  • Is made in Ontario. Almost all of the turbine parts, including the tower and blades, were manufactured in province. Only the converter at the base of the turbine and the nacelle were manufactured in the Netherlands.