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Auditor General of Ontario Report: Incompetent or Intentionally Misleading?

Glen Estill December 14, 2011 When I re-read the recent Auditor General’s report on renewable energy, I continued to find significant deficiencies. The report was either written by incompetent people, or was written in a way to intentionally mislead the

Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

(reposted from The Energy Collective , Vicky Portwain, October 10, 2011) Despite all the power and wonders of the internet, one has to very careful in checking out the motives of those posting material on the web.  Here’s a good

ExPlace Turbine Stars in Wind Debate Video

The ExPlace wind turbine was on centre stage recently as three Loyalist College film students included it as footage for a video project dealing with the pro’s and con’s of the wind energy debate. Director Mitch Haigh and his fellow

Ontario Court Rules Windmill Setback ‘Precautionary’

(via Green Energy Act Alliance) Toronto, ON – The Ontario Divisional Court today rejected claims that the government failed to heed the ‘precautionary principle’ in enacting 550 metre setbacks for terrestrial windmills. The “Renewable Energy Approvals Regulation” under the Environmental

MoE Extends submission deadline to Sept 7 for changes to Offshore Turbine Setbacks

EBR Registry Number:     011-0089 It was recently announced that the deadline for Public Consultation submissions to the ‘Renewable Energy Approval Requirements for Off-shore Wind Facilities’ will be extended to Sept 7. on the Ontario Government Environmental Registry site: (shortened

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Offshore Wind Coalition Will Focus on Streamlined Federal Permitting (via Offshore Wind Wire)

More strong offshore wind news blowing in from our neighbours south of the border: From Offshore Wind Wire: The Offshore Wind Development Coalition – a newly minted offshore wind advocacy group – will focus initially on streamlining federal regulations, the

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Call to Action: Letter template now available

For those of you who do not have the time to compose a personal comment, feel free to use the template below. Simply copy and paste the text to the EBR site here. If you have any questions or encounter

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A Call to Action: Send Your Comments to the MOE by Aug. 24th

Re: Ministry of the Environment’s (MOE) proposed new 5 km exclusion zone for offshore turbines. We received requests from our twitterati to post an explanation of the issue on our blog and to offer a call to action vis-à-vis an

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