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Renewables Helped France Avoid Freezing in the Dark

French Wind Offsets Down Nuclear Reactors French & German Wind Likely Made the Difference during Arctic Cold Spell By Paul Gipe February 10, 2012 In a startling development widely reported across Europe in the English-, French-, and German-language press, France

Beware of Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

(reposted from The Energy Collective , Vicky Portwain, October 10, 2011) Despite all the power and wonders of the internet, one has to very careful in checking out the motives of those posting material on the web.  Here’s a good

Dick Bakker writes that Ontario’s new ‘green energy’ policies encourage power generation in the communities.

It’s exciting to produce my own energy.

The Epoch Times: Germany Leads With 100 Percent Renewables Goal (via @clean_energy)

An excellent article by Daniel Boese.  The last sentence wraps it up nicely: The decision is about political will, not technical or economic feasibility.

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Visit the Sygration Website Every Day

If you enjoy looking at charts, databases and maps, then the Sygration website is for you.  It breaks down how much power was generated in Ontario per day, by the hour, by type in Ontario.  The Sygration Ontario Generator Report

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