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WindShare is seeking a new Treasurer

WindShare is seeking a new volunteer Board member to serve as a Treasurer for the organization. Deadline: June 9, 2017 Click here for details and how to apply  

Turbine Update

The turbine was returned to service mid-October,2014 after maintenance/repairs to the converter.

Maintenance update

As you may be well aware, the ExPlace Turbine has been shut down for maintenance and repair work for the past few weeks. It has been experiencing trouble with the new converter. The converter was faulting out once turbine hit ~11

TREC Education: Climb the Turbine Event 2013

From Oct. 5th – 8th 2013, over 50 people climbed the Windshare turbine during the 2nd annual Climb the Turbine fundraiser presented by TREC Education. Participants were given a first hand look at how wind power works and got the

Plaque Installation

The Board is pleased to announce that a plaque to commemorate the first WindShare Co-op members was installed this summer and is available for public viewing. The plaque is situated on the body of the turbine to the left of

Turbine Update

Upgrade of electronic rotor control mechanism and installation and commissioning of the new converter was completed and power started flowing to the grid on March 20. Since that date production of about 120,000 KwH has been achieved. This is normal

Turbine Update

Since July of 2012, the turbine has experienced reliability problems with regard to the turbine’s Technocon converter. Various repairs have been made to the Technocon converter between August and December of 2012 but the turbine has not been producing energy

Turbine Update

After installing a spare Nacelle Control board which had been hand carried from Holland on Tuesday and changing out 2 more Dynex IGBTs in the converter, Bettink technicians completed the turbine repair and the turbine started producing power December 12.

Turbine Update

After field testing, the replacement control system for the converter arrived on Nov. 16 from Holland. A technician installed it this week but there is still no connection between the nacelle and the converter.  The technician has been in communication

Turbine Update

Turbine Update We have had a series of cascading faults this summer related to the converter. We would rectify one problem then another would occur. To add to the delays, the components are to European specification and are at least